Rass-Steam (Pty) Ltd specialises in the installation, maintenance and service of Mills. Rass-Steam (Pty) Ltd recognises that providing products and services of the highest possible quality is a fundamental requirement for the future well-being of our business and the relationship between our internal and external customers. Our goal is to ensure that throughout established standards and measurements the level of quality at Rass-Steam (Pty)Ltd matches or exceeds our customers’ expectations. To accomplish this goal, we are committed to delivering and in continually striving to improvements in the quality of our products and services.



  • Industrial and mining mills for small quarrying applications to those of large-scale national mining projects.
  • Mining crushers for use in conjunction with Rass-Steam mining mills.
  • Stacker reclaimers, mining winders, hoisting systems and bucket elevators.
  • Engineering tools and associated consumables.


At Rass-Steam, it is our mission to provide the African client the heavy engineering and mining equipment required to fulfill specialised tasks in the mining and industrial sectors. We provide our clients durable, efficient and productive equipment as well as the finest quality assurance, conditioning monitoring, and maintenance service. We have a clear vision; ensure that the African client’s requirements and needs are met all the while providing the necessary skills, training, and motivation to be as productive as possible in the international mining trade.


Our objective is to provide each customer with training, tools and skills to produce high quality products. We also understand the requirements of our services, products and systems through the effective documentation, training, & control of records. We strive to recognize each customer’s potential, empowering them to question processes that appear to be inefficient or ineffective. We also intend on continuously improving our own work and evaluating our own performances by using an open and constructive framework that allows us to take corrective and preventative action to resolve problems.


Rass-Steam is driven to provide the mining sector with the safest mining solutions possible. At Rass-Steam, we instil a strict safety culture among our staff so that they are committed to ensuring the installation and maintenance of the finest deliverables. Your staff can rest assured with the knowledge that we have helped to create a safe working environment. In all applications of our work, we maintain globally recognised standards such as those outlined in the International OHS Act, MHS Act, COID Act as well as the fulfilment of SHEQ Objectives and Targets.

Rass-Steam employs a Zero Tolerance leadership policy of negating dangerous and unnecessary actions and processes in the mining sector. To assist us to this end we strive toward the organisational-wide goal of Zero Harm for all workers and operators who come into contact with Rass-Steam equipment as well as on Rass-Steam managed and facilitated operations.