Rass-Steam specialises in heavy engineering equipment services. Stacker & Rom Reclaimers and Bucket Elevators are just a few of the heavy engineering automatics that we can service, maintain and commission for your business while ensuring the finest security and efficiency standards. Rass-Steam operates locally within South Africa, as well as internationally. 

The reliance on heavy engineering equipment, machinery and technology forms the backbone of infrastructural and financial development, assisting businesses and nations in their pursuit of mineral based revenue. Experience Rass-Steam’s reliability and durability today and contact us. At Rass-Steam, we offer our clients a range of services that include professional auditing, personal consultations, 3, 6, and 12 monthly inspections as well as service contracts.

Stacker Reclaimers


Stacker reclaimers perform two very important functions on the quarrying/mining plant; stacking and recovering. The stacker is a heavy mining automation that ‘stacks’ the bulk, mined material into cone or chevron stacks with the use of conveyors mounted onto boom arms. Alternatively, a reclaimer allows the material to be recovered through the application of bucket or scraper arms, and then transfers it onto a conveyor for further use or disbursement. Rass-Steam services stacker reclaimers for all of our clients. 


Bucket Elevators & Conveyors

Your mining operations rely on the speed, efficiency, and operations of mine conveyors and bucket elevators. Forming the backbone of mining operations all over Africa, bucket elevators and mine conveyors assist in the movement of immensely large masses of aggregates and raw materials in both the extraction as well as for the storage of said materials. Adapted for use in closed loop systems, and powered by modern drive engineering setups, Rass-Steam does the service delivery according to the clients’ specifications.


Rass-Steam supplies, services and maintains heavy engineering equipment, such as Stacker Reclaimers and Bucket Elevators. Our reliable and durable heavy equipment can be safely used without threatening the livelihood of its operators, this is because we operate according to strict regulations.  Rass-Steam is focused on supplying products and services that are characterised by their safety. We can be contacted at any time as we are a 24hr based Servicing Company andour after-sales services will guarantee that your equipment is properly maintained and in perfect working order.