Rass-Steam provides its clients with a number of specialised services for use in the mining sector and on the heavy engineering equipment sector. Many specialised services are required by companies within the mining and heavy engineering fields. Our specialised services are performed by highly qualified specialists who have the experience necessary to ensure high-quality deliverables.


When it comes to diagnostic systems and condition monitoring it is important that only the finest systems and guidelines are assured. Rass-Steam uses a number of German specifications, diagnostics and monitoring systems for all our specialised services. Some of the well-known service solutions that we offer are closely aligned with those offered by DB Pruftechnik. Their high-quality testing systems are used in conjunction with all our services, and tried-and-tested equipment (such as the balance and vibration tester VipXpert II) assists Rass-Steam in providing the finest heavy equipment calibrations. Rass-Steam also makes use of the TomTom Gear Run-out machine & Thermal Infrared-camera. Currently available to all our clients.




An important part of heavy equipment maintenance is making sure that the equipment has been properly calibrated so that there are no unforeseen circumstances during machine operation. Our laser alignment services ensure a return on investment on all your heavy equipment, including mining mills and plants. This is done by ensuring that all machine components, shafts, pivots, and surfaces are aligned, straight and parallel. We can provide laser alignment, with the use of flexible, high-quality equipment, in all industrial and mining applications.


State-of-the-art diagnostic systems are required to ensure that your heavy equipment is working at an optimum. Maintaining heavy machinery within the fine regulation parameters of a diagnostic test requires condition monitoring. Rass-Steam provides its customers with a condition monitoring service for all mills, crushers and other heavy equipment used in the mining/quarrying trade. We ensure that our customers’ heavy equipment is in the best working condition, and are able to pick up faults before they cause significant damage and downtime.