Dear Sir,

Re: Skorpion Zink Refinery Shut Down: Ore Mill Shell replacement

It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that we write this letter to you because of the impressive manner in which you conducted your business on our site.

From the first day, you established your site to the day you de-established your site on our premises your whole team conducted themselves in a professional and safe manner. It is quite commendable that you completed a project of such magnitude with zero incidents recorded.

Please share this letter with the whole team and emphasise our sincere gratitude and appreciation over the whole execution of the project.

Yours Sincerely,
Ben Saayman
Maintenance Engineer


Rass-Steam were awarded the original mill installation contract by MDM and were found to be very competent.

Since commissioning of the mills they have provided specialist routine maintenance services and responded to breakdown requests, over the past two years.

The quality and response has provided to be very good and it is recommended that we continue to use their services.

Tim Crossland
Project Director

ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Good day all,

It feels like yesterday we all got around the boardroom table and discussed how we were going to achieve the IMPOSSIBLE – Getting a Mill shell across the country and installed in a mere 24 days. Yet today we can look back at what we have achieved and be proud. Together we stand, divided we fall: It is the good teamwork and good team spirit that made the impossible possible.

Firstly, I would like to thank Che Parsons, Ras Smit and their teams for the support they have shown from when we got involved in this project up to the completion thereof. I would like to specifically mention Marcus, you were outstanding during the project execution phases and streamlining workflow, you approached each challenge with a positive mind and focus – keep it up!

Shawn and safety team, your assertiveness, excellence in what you do and good safety skills is the reason why we can say we have achieved zero harm and we are all going home to our families today, a special thank you.

Dawid and FSR team, without your technical knowledge and skills we might have still bee on site. Keep up the good work gents.

The project was delivered in time and we had no safety incidents, and you will agree with me that a successful project is benchmarked by being on schedule, within budget, good quality, and zero safety incidents.

Colleagues I have mentioned all the good things, however, the road surface is not always smooth. Friction is required for there to be movement, otherwise, there will not be motion. I, therefore, want to commend all of you that when there were problems you did not take them as problems, but as challenges, kept focus and pressed on with a smile. That is a key requirement for a strong and unshakeable foundation for success in projects.

I look forward to working with all of you in future. Please convey the message to everyone involved.

Kind Regards,

Wesley Smit
Project Manger
Technical Services Department